Which is better? Good or...Best!

Don’t you remember the AT & T commercials from a few years ago?  The gentlemen is asking  elementary kids what they think is better…faster / slower, one thing or two things, big tree house / small tree house.  Do you love the expressions on these precious kids like I do?


I have a question for you.  What do you think is better….a good haircut or the best haircut?  I am guessing that you answered, your “absolutely positive” that a best haircut is better.

We at Lyn Phillips here in Grand Haven “absolutely” agree with you.  And that is why we invite you to come and see how our highly trained technicians will care for you and your hair on your visit.  Come in and relax, and let us help you feel and look your best. 


Now if you have a lot to do after your haircut, we might be able to find a “cheetah to tie on your back”.  I hear they help you get around faster:)